Luna the Ferret

Hi, I'm Luna!

If you're seeing this page, you probably already know me a bit, but hey, nice to have a place to consolidate all my stuff. I'm a trans ferret girl who does stuff, sometimes even doing things that are interesting or that people may find useful! Check out my Projects page for more info on anything I'm currently working on.

And yes, I'm taken (´∀`)


I've worked on a few projects now, links to which are below.
The Quote Sprite links to a project where I redid the entirety of the Cave Story Wiiware soundtrack using OrgMaker instrumentationThe Smiley Face links to my Profile on TCRF, where I have been doing a lot of Polish translating as of late (thanks to a special little ferret in my life uwu)The MK64pl Logo links to the Romhacking.Net page for a translation patch for Mario Kart 64 in Polish


I'm Luna. I'm a trans girl who heralds from Yukon Territory, in Canada. I'm not the most exciting person, I just kind of do whatever makes me happy. I'm really into retro technology, whether that be old game consoles or computers or CRTs or Cassette Decks. I also generally enjoy computers and learning about the way they work, poking around at things you're not supposed to (learning about security vulns and what they're doing is just... so fascinating to me), etc. You can tell I'm a weirdo because I run Linux as my main OS. I also am really into cooking although I suck at it. I'm a pretty friendly ferret, you can feel free to poke me on any of my socials (found in the contact tab) and I'll be happy to talk about whatever!

My Console Collection Includes:

Sega Genesis (Model 1, VA7, modded with Triple Bypass board)Sega DreamcastGame Gear
XBOXXbox 360
Original Model GameboySNESN64GBA SP (AGS-101)GC-Compatible WiiWii UNintendo SwitchMany, Many (N)3DS, 2DS and DS systems in various states of functionality
PlayStation 1PlayStation 2 PhatPlayStation 3 SlimPlayStation 4 (Original Model)Playstation Vita (OLED Screen)


Forms of contact not listed (with extra instructions):
Reddit (fuck reddit)Discord (Luna 🌸#5707)Telegram (If you've known me for a bit feel free to ask me in Twitter DMs or Discord)Alt Vent and AD Twitter Accounts (Again, ask me and I may give you the handles depending on how well I know you)

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